Search Cleanup Helps Regain Your Good Name

When it comes to the power of the internet to have a detrimental affect on your reputation, the best plan is to face it head on rather than ignore it and hope for the best. While you have no control over the information posted online about you, can help clean up negative articles or just plain old and decrepit material harder to find.

Technology is improving every day, with Search Engine Reputation Management utilizing the same tactics as those developed for the area of Search Engine Optimization, which makes content easier to find. SERM is able to replace the unwanted content with news, articles and other posts that correctly represent the place you are in currently, improving your image as well as bringing the public up to date on your activities.

Putting your best foot forward by making sure that positive input is easier to find than less complimentary fare can be a daunting task to undertake on your own. Whether you are running a business or trying to maneuver the teen years, you don’t want a google search to adversely affect how people perceive you. Having your moments of questionable judgement lingering on the internet could pose both a professional and personal risk. With the help of, you are able to regain your good reputation and have control over what people see when they Google your name.

It’s a good idea to stay aware of what is being unearthed when someone does a Google search of your name. You never know what is being put out there for the world to see, whether accurate or not.

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Wengie’s Youtube Beauty Channel

Wengie is a vlogger, or video blogger, who regularly posts content on Youtube for people to watch and discuss. Primarily, her videos are combination of instructional videos and updates on the day to day of her personal life.

Many of her videos offer viewers beauty tips. This includes things like, how- to instructions on applying make up, suggested or preferred brands of lipstick or tips for summer stlyes. One of the interesting things about Wengie’s videos is that she is a Chinese Australian. Her videos will sometimes contain interesting social observations about the cultural contrasts between her home and the other countries she has visited.

In this particular video, Wengie gives viewers a first hand, step-by-step walkthrough as she dyes her naturally dark hair from blonde to a vivid shade of lilac. What’s really nice about this video is that, by bringing the viewer in on the experience she is doing more than just reading off a five step list and throwing up some visuals. She is inviting the audience to participate with her in the process. This gives the audience a sense of investment in the end result and adds to the viewing pleasure.

Another interesting thing to noticed while watching this video is the presence of an instrumental track, which plays as she speaks. This is a nice touch sense it helps cover up spaces or pauses where there might have been only dead noise. It also creates a sense of rythm and momentum to her words. Both aspects help to keep the audience entertained and invested in the video as it progresses. The music is soft and not too distracting which is good.

Before beginning the process she suggests a couple of alternatives to the methods she is using and points out that risks of trying to go too light and damaging the hair in the process. From there the process is pretty straight forward. If you’re interested in seeing the video for your own benefit visit the URL posted below.
There are a large number of videos posted on her channel, offering a wide selection.


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Jennifer Walden: Living The American Dream

A recent article featured the brilliant Dr. Jennifer Walden, telling about her busy, charmed life. A renowned plastic surgeon who has won many awards and hearts, she is a force of nature, and an inspriration to women everywhere. The article talks about her life and her journey to success and happiness.

It all started with her education. After receiving her degree from the University of Texas, she was accepted into medical school shortly after. Once she completed medical school, it was clear to her that plastic surgery was the path she wished to take. Her hopes were to help women gain more confidence in their appearances, plus she loved the intricate artistry of the procedures. She was matched to UT Galveston where she worked hard and successfully completed her doctorate. But it didn’t end there. Though she was a native of Austin, Texas she ended up at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for an exclusive fellowship program. She was chosen one out of two. After her experience, she decided that Manhattan would be where she opens her first practice. The first chapter of her success took place in the beloved New York City.

As years went by, she decided it was a good time to add children into her busy life. She had always wanted to be a mother and had two twin boys via in-vitro-fertilization in the midst of her career. As a single mother, she decided to move back home to Austin, where she would open her practice so she could be close to her family. She had great success in Texas, where she still resides and practices plastic surgery to her many loyal clients.

She is not only a successful independent woman, but she is a mother and a published author, media darling and wonderful inspiration to women with big goals and dreams. She makes it all look easily attainable, wears it well and on top of all that, is a wonderful human being.

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How Does White Shark Media Offer Great Customer Service All The Time?

White Shark Media is legendary for its customer service because they help people on a level that most people have never been helped on before. There is separation that happens in a lot of companies that keeps the customers at bay, but the people at White Shark Media Complaints are hanging that for the better every day. They have made sure that they will reach their customers in a way that is effective, and they come to meet customers on their level.

There are a lot of customers at White Shark Media who want to make sure that they can talk to their customers when they want. Customers have their own schedules, and they have needs that need to be met as soon as possible. That is a very important part of this for customers because they are going to feel like they can get the customer service they need without thinking that they are going to have to ask for something that is out of the ordinary. White Shark Media schedules meetings with customers all the time, and they make it easy to meet.

White Shark Media Complaints also makes sure that all their customers are getting updates on the things that they are paying for. This is important because customers want to know how the work is coming, and they want to talk to someone who is going to help explain right off what is going on. That is going to help all the customers learn what they are getting, and it is going to show them that they have invested their money in the right way.

This is also important because the White Shark Media Complaints people are going to go over everything that their customers want in detail before they make the final delivery. That is going to make it very easy for them to get the help that they need, and it is going to show them a glimpse of what they paid for.

White Shark Media gives their customers what they need right up front, and it helps the customers know that they are really getting what they paid for. Everyone wins in this situation, and it helps make sure that all the parties are happy with the relationship that they have. They can talk about the work that is being done, and they can cover customer service issues on the spot. White Shark Media keeps clients informed like no one else.

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Thor Halvorssen Speaks to Fox New’s About Socialism and Bernie Sanders

Human Rights Foundation’s president Thor Halvorssen recently appeared on The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan to talk about Bernie Sanders and his socialist ideals. Thor Halvorssen is an activist for human rights, who has experienced most of his family become victims to overpowered governments.

According to Forbes, Halorvssen’s father was a political prisoner. His mother was shot in Venezuela under the rule of Hugo Chavez, and his cousin is currently a prisoner in Venezuela.

Trish Regan asked why he believes socialism is a violation of human rights, to which he replied, “Countries that do not violate human rights can have socialist governments and that’s perfectly okay.” He goes on to say that the problem lies when someone in charge of a socialist country takes advantage of the system and uses the system to steal from the country while maintaining a disguise of a leader who is helping the country.

Halorvssen says that despite Bernie Sanders’ socialist views he made a large donation to his campaign. “I would much rather have Bernie Sanders be the democratic front runner than someone who takes money from dictatorships,” he told Trish Regan, in reference to Hilary Clinton accepting political donations from countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Thor Halorvssen shares his opinion on how socialism is not the correct way to end poverty. “You end poverty by not redistributing wealth, you end it by creating more wealth.” He ends the interview by reiterating that he would much rather see the United States become a socialist democracy than having a president who accepts money from dictatorships in the Whitehouse.

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Wearing Clothing From Athleisure Fabletics When It Does Matter How You Look

There is something about looking good even when it’s casual time. You don’t want to worry about if the top looks good with the bottoms and when you wear clothing from Athleisure Fabletics, you don’t. Kate Hudson, Co-founder and designer offers amazing clothing such as the Athelisure sports wear, you can look good and get healthy along the way.

Fabletics offers their customers beautiful outfits each month to wear and be motivated to workout enthusiastically. Their dedication to encourage their customers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Membership means each month you will get a fabulous outfit to wear to workout or just casual time.

The survey you take at the beginning of your membership will allow good selections of outfits that will make you look as good as you feel. You can trash that old faithful sweat suit, as you now have a new updated look. WWD says Fabletics keep you in mind when they offer quality outfits that fits most budgets.

Kate Hudson has done it again with the athleisure dresses. Amazingly comfortable and beautiful. This dress is simple and casual but looks good enough to wear to the office, out on the town or to dinner. It fits heavenly and is made out of the same material as the workout clothing. It keeps you nice and snug in the dress without the spanx and the price is affordable.

Whoever has ever exercised in their swimsuits knows how it can be uncomfortable and reveling on occasion. Athleisure Fabletics offers bathing suits to stay in place for the active customer. They want the customer to feel comfortable and yet sexy in their beautiful line of swimwear for active people.

There are two things to remember, Athleisure Fabletics provides amazing clothing (according to Elite Daily) that make you look beautiful, and the second is that if you feel as good as you look. Working out never looked so good.

Autism Rocks, Solo Capital, and Sanjay Shah’s Incredible Influence

Sanjay Shah founded Autism Rocks in 2014 after his son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism, the world’s most rapidly spreading developmental disease. Autism Rocks secures funding through offering art classes, social workshops, and popular music concert entrances for autistic children and their caregivers.

Sanjay Shah practiced accounting for the better part of his career. Shah worked for the likes of Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley. During the 2008 financial crisis, Shah was fired and subsequently out of work. Shah decided upon founding his own investment firm, and followed through in 2009 with Solo Capital Partners.

Solo Capital Partners is personally managed by Shah in London, also featuring a remote office in Dubai. The firm recently was appraised at a net worth of $15 million with credit due solely to Shah. Shah’s financial expertise made a perfect fit for Autism Rocks.

Shah recently appointed Pete and Will Best to Autism Rocks’ board of trustees. The brothers’ experience is twofold: Pete has worked in the financial sector for more than 20 years, most recently as COO of London-based brokerage firm Icap; whereas Will holds extensive experience in cinematic and television production, hosting, marketing, and advertising. The brothers’ addition is expected to create attractive financing components, promote awareness for the philanthropy, book the world’s hottest musicians, and ultimately generate more funding for autism research.

Autism Rocks has featured some of the world’s most popular performing artists, among the likes of Drake, Michael Buble, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz. Many of those affected by autism and their caregivers gain free entrance to Autism Rocks’ events. Autism Rocks’ effect is twofold: first, to raise money for autism research; and second, to bring relief, fun times, and unforgettable experiences to autistic children around the world.

PR Newswire first published the article describing events herein and can be found at this site.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Offers The Perfect Shaping Surgery

Women can get surgeries that will help them shape any part of their bodies at any time, and they can ask their doctors to do something that gives them the desirable shape they are looking for. A woman who wants to look her best can try a doctor like Dr. Jennifer Walden, and she can offer a new kind of surgery that helps women looks great in bikinis or yoga pants.

Bikinis and yoga pants are really comfortable, and they require that women have a perfect shape. The shape of the vagina can be a problem for some women because they do not like the way they look in bikinis or yoga pants, but they can get help from someone who can help shape their bodies in a new way.

The surgery that surgeons like Dr. Jennifer Walden does helps women have a perfectly shaped vagina that will look good in any piece of clothing. They can get the procedure done pretty quickly, and they can get them done in outpatient so that they will be ready for the world in just a couple days. Women who want to look their best come in for consultations, and Dr. Jennifer Walden can explain to these women how they are going to look once the surgery is over. These surgeries are pretty simple, and they make women look perfect in an area that is very important to them.

This also means that women can get their vagina shaped after they have had children or have been injured. This is a very simple way of making women look great, and it is a helpful way for women to feel good when they are trying to get dressed up for warm weather and simple daily activities. They can come in to get Dr. Jennifer to show them how to get this work done, and she can host them in a really comfortable office. There are lots of great designer surgeries that are going to be perfect for women, and they need to make sure that they have asked for a consultation before deciding on a surgery.


Helanie Morrison Shatters Corporate Limits

The corporate world is one of the toughest worlds to be in. For one thing, there are a lot of limits that people are faced with. Among the limits that people are faced with is the so called glass ceiling. This is often the complaints that women have about working in the corporate offices. Often times, in order to come up, it requires that one be rather unethical. However, Helane Morrison has shown that it is possible to maintain integrity and move up the ladder. Helane Morrison has gotten her start in Journalism. She has eventually moved west from her Brooklyn roots in order to continue her education at the University of California Berkeley School of Law.

Early in her career, she began to work With Harry A, Blackmun who has shown her the ropes and led her by example. Harry was famous for being a champion for women’s rights. Among the accomplishments he has done was make changes to certain laws such as abortion laws. He has faced a lot of death threats. Helanie Morrison learned a lot from Blackmun. She herself has faced with adversity as she took on the corporate world and all of its corrupt unethical ways of conducting business.

In the recent downturn of the economy, Helane Morrison among others has revealed the unethical practices that many institutions were involved in. Among the issues that were uncovered were false audit claims and destroyed documents. It seemed like everywhere one looked, there was some fraud being concealed and covered up. This has definitely come as a shock to many people who were involved in these institutions. As a result, many stocks were liquidated and the economy has definitely been sent in for a massive spin. This has changed the perspective of Wall Street and the market as a whole. However, Helanie Morrison is a hero for helping with the revelation. This will eventually lead to a more ethical practice among financial institutions.