Entrepreneur Billy McFarland Believes Technology Is The Key To Opportunity

Starting a tech company at the age of 12 years old doesn’t happen that often. But Short Hills, New Jersey homeboy, Billy McFarland did it. Billy is 24 years old now, and he is still shaking up the world with his innovative and creative ideas. According to Fortune, Billy McFarland was studying engineering at Bucknell University, but he decided that the world needed an online ad platform, so he started Spling.

If Spling doesn’t sound familiar, you’re probably born before 1980. Spling has a list of high-profile users. McFarland has been called a tech mastermind by Bloomberg and CNBC. Billy just calls himself a natural techy that has the innate ability to attract other Millennial consumers and make them happy.

Spling is a hit, but Billy McFarland is one of those people that isn’t content with what happened yesterday. In 2013, he was out with friends and the conversation about credit cards and their uses came up. All the Millennials in the room thought someone should come with an app and a prestigious looking credit-type card that offered members interesting perks that were not the usual things that come with American Express, Citibank, and other credit cards.

Billy McFarland couldn’t get the concept out of his head. So, he developed a social app and a membership card that offered Millennials deals like special seats at hard-to-get-in restaurants or seats at a sports event or a pass into some of the hottest nightclubs in New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and San Francisco. Billy calls his new company, Magnises. Magnises was launched in New York City in 2014, but Magnises memberships are now available in Chicago, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. London, Boston, LA and Atlanta are on the Magnises new opening list.

Billy is a genius when it comes to for-profit business ventures, but he doesn’t ignore the nonprofit sector. McFarland started LEAP, the learning platform that helps middle school and high school students learn how to successfully function in the tech and business world. He also started FYRE. FYRE is an entertainment platform that helps venues and others book artists, athletes, and other interesting acts for performances and personal appearances.

Waiakea Springs Uses a Lighter Approach to Make a Big Difference

There is a misleading notion in the world about what it takes to make a difference. This notion enforces the idea that tough and hard hitting efforts are the only ways to make a difference in the world. It couldn’t be more wrong. Which is why it’s so refreshing to witness a company such as Waiakea Water making a difference using a gentle approach.

This company is focused on the health, sustainability, and ethics of the world abroad. What Waiakea has accomplished so far couldn’t have been done without using mindful, green solutions that make the world a better place to live in.

From the start the water is without a doubt as pure and healthy as it can be. The source of Waiakea Springs water comes from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. The volcanic filtration process is completely natural, and it has a pH balance between 7.8 and 8.8. This gives this water the distinction of being naturally alkaline. Because of it’s source, this water also already comes infused with minerals and electrolytes that are good for you.

In a Crunchbase article, it was reported that Calcium, sodium, potassium, and silica that are derived organically through the filtration process is inside every bottle of water from Waiakea water. It is one of the most natural forms of filtration, unlike companies that create filtration machines that can allow high levels of harmful contaminants into the water.

According to Specialty Food, The bottling process for Waiakea water is also about sustainability and being as green as possible. All BPA free bottles from Waiakea water are made from recycled materials. This process uses 90% less water and uses over 90% less carbon emissions than the process used for traditional plastic bottled water companies.

Even the shipping methods that Waiakea uses are sustainable. The company uses low emissions carriers that would be coming to the states as empty cargo vessels to instead bring bottled water shipments to the U.S. The strategic decision making and planning that Waiakea implements at every level of their business has led to them being distinguished as one of the first premier bottled water companies to be certified carbon neutral.

Waiakea water doesn’t end their global consciousness to the point of making a sale. They go beyond this level and give back to those in need. For every liter of water purchased from Waiakea they deliver 650 liters to people in countries where non contaminated water is inaccessible. They’ve teamed with Pump Aid for this initiative and so far they’ve delivered 500 million liters of water to those in need.

Avi Weisfogel Is Ready And Willing To Help

People out there like Avi Weisfogel are truly committed to helping people. It is not just lip service with Avi Weisfogel. It is a true mission and something that takes up a great deal of his time. However, in his mind, it is time well spent, as he is changing people’s lives and allowing them to live a happy and healthier way of life. He made big news when he started a funding page for Operation Smile, which helped people that were struggling with dental issues yet they could not afford the proper treatment to get it done and get it fixed. Now, he is doing the same with his group, Dental Sleep Masters.


This is next level work and the kind of work that can really help people that are suffering from the issues that are associated with sleep apnea. It has really come into focus these last couple of years and people are starting to pay attention and notice that it does more than just cause people to get up more than thirty times in a night. There is a lot more to it than that. According to a recent article, it pointed out that it causes other health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. When talking about things like this, it is important to get on them quickly before they get any worse.


That is why, as mentioned, Avi has founded Dental Sleep Masters. He does not want to see anyone suffer or have to go through a tough time with this. This impacts their life in so many ways. He is looking for answers and he wants them as soon as possible. In addition to that, he is trying to make the whole process a whole lot easier for men and women out there that are suffering. He does not want them to feel uncomfortable or have to deal with the giant masks and loud machines.


This is all about trying to get on top of this and preventing further health issues while also making the person suffering feel like there is hope and getting things done.

How To Effectively Handle Customer Complaints


When faced with customer complaints, many business owners have no idea how to handle the situation. Even though they may be interested in resolving the matter, some business people or company managers do not know the proper steps to follow, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


 White Shark Media was in that situation many years ago but has figured out how to deal with it. Today, when White Shark Media receives customer complaint their professionals pay close attention to the customer and gather essential information. They assure the customer that the issues would be resolved appropriately. They deliver on their promise by working on the issue and getting the best possible resolution. They then thank the customer for bringing up the matter.


White Shark Media is a leader in pay per click (PPC) advertising and has been meeting the needs of many companies across the globe. Their clients include small and mid-sized businesses, new companies, entrepreneurs and others who want to get proper guidance on how to run a profitable ad campaign and promote their business.


PPC management goes far beyond setting up campaigns and tracking results. There are other factors to take into consideration, and it’s also important to know how to analyze results and take additional steps toward generating significant returns on investment.


Once you have decided to start using PPC advertising to market and promote your products or service, it’s imperative that you know how to choose the right keywords for your offers. Prospective customers use certain keywords and keyword phrases to search for products or services that they are interested.


You also need to know how to fine tune ads to ensure better quality scores, how to identify and fix the issues that cause campaign to fail, and so on. The professionals at White Shark Media have great expertise in doing all these and have plenty of PPC marketing knowledge. They can handle your advertising campaign creation, keyword research and campaign management.


The professionals at White Shark Media have great expertise in doing all these and have plenty of PPC marketing knowledge. They can perform more complex tasks and ensure that the client achieves the results they are looking for. They can set up your campaign and even handle the management for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best and that is, running your business or managing your organization.


If you are a new advertiser, they can walk you through the entire process so that you can understand how pay per click advertising works.


Any business owner or organization that want to achieve outstanding outcome with their PPC marketing, should contact the experts at White Shark Media for proper guidance.

IAP Worldwide and Technology

IAP Worldwide Services is a growing company that has been the leading company in innovation in engineering as well as within the communication industry for over 60 years. IAP Worldwide is truly a versatile company that continues to expand and continues to be ahead of its time when it comes to innovation. With some of the world’s most creative and intelligent individuals working for this company, IAP Worldwide is truly able to make a difference. IAP Worldwide Services offers creative solutions to even some of the most complex challenges that are assigned to the company by the clients. At IAP Worldwide, excellence is achieved everyday.

IAP Worldwide is a unique company that makes sure that the goals and aspirations of each and every client of the company is achieved for the client and that the solutions go above and beyond the expectations. IAP Worldwide has extensive experience in both the public sector as well as within the private sector and has given creative and cost-effective solutions to sectors such as NASA. IAP Worldwide is truly a company that is known to be innovative and is predicted to continue to exponentially grow over the next several years far into the future of innovation.

In recent news, IAP Worldwide Services has been encouraged to pursue renewable energy as a new and efficient option to helping even the most impoverished and dark regions around the world have access to electricity. IAP Worldwide believes that technology is the best possible way to bring individuals and even nations out of poverty. IAP Worldwide has become focused on generating power from water sources, geothermal, wind, as well as solar sources. IAP Worldwide is encouraging other companies to follow the lead and has even paired up with some of the world’s largest electrical companies in order to complete this mission.

IAP Worldwide is dedicated to offering solutions that are not only for long-term growth, but that are also for short-term relief. For regions that have been struck by natural disasters or for regions that have become war zones on Devex, IAP Worldwide is dedicated to providing each individual with even some of the most basic needs. Though this company is over 60 years old, IAP Worldwide continues to push forward into the future and continues to achieve high standards of excellence. IAP Worldwide is often thought to be the face of the future when it comes to future innovation in technology.

Thor Halvorssen is action in motion

In the United States most people have a false sense of security when it comes to civil rights. This false security can only be uncovered, when an individual experience a violation of their rights by a government agency. In this case, who do you call to protect your rights, the police?

To most people’s surprise police are only functional inside city limits, they lose jurisdiction outside the city. So who else can help in a civil rights case? An individual could call a number of political officials, but they will be rebuffed. Finally, one thinks to call an attorney for help. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

The attorneys say they can file a case for the minimum of a ten-thousand-dollar retainer fee, followed by a two-hundred-dollar an hour rate thereafter. Why then does the citizen have to pay for their rights to be upheld in the American court systems?

Consequently, upholding the fundamental theory of human rights is momentous, because actually certifying one’s civil rights is entirely different, difficult, and too expensive to buy for the average person. This is the reason Thor Halvorssen is action in motion. He is a natural born leader that wants to empty the world of tyranny.

Thus, one man stands-up against tyranny because he knows the difficulty it is to defend liberty after it is taken away. Thor Halvorssen, founder of the Human Rights Foundation is a hero. More Americans should talk about human rights, the more we keep it in obscurity the less effective it becomes. Thor Halvorssen is an intelligent man; he highlights corruption, noting its existence.

Thor has been beaten tragically. Thor’s father suffered gravely in a Caracas prison. His mother was shot. His cousin is a political prisoner in jail. In retrospective, how does an individual preserve human rights, and remain safe? The facts show, one cannot ever be secure (even in America) and the real threat will always be injury or death.

So who is this man that puts himself in peril? He says he is a lover of people, and along the way that must includes animals and the environment, because how can it be any other way. It is obvious Thor Halvorssen is a human rights and political activist. He graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania.

Class Dojo Is Changing The School Atmosphere To Something Positive

Class Dojo is a company that launched not too long ago that created a platform for education that allows for improved communication between parents, teachers, and students. The level of communication that has been long available in schooling has been low, with no way for parents to stay in contact with their child, and limited contact from teachers to parents. In order for parents to speak to teachers they either had to be puled out of work or set up a teacher conference, which has a limited time because of all the other parents. With Class Dojo, parents and teachers are able to maintain a constant and direct level of communication, and parents can actively monitor their children and check in on them in the classroom while providing encouragement as well.

Teachers of any classroom using Class Dojo can monitor the app and the boards at any time to only allow what they think should be on there, pertaining to notes, stories, videos, and pictures. The story board is a fun way for students to take a look back at fun moments that happen in the classroom through a school year.

Teachers have especially been enjoying the new platform from Class Dojo because it allows them to better teach their students and get them engaged in their school activities. This was part of the reason Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, founders of Class Dojo, decided to make the app in the first place. They had traveled around to different schools and spoke to a variety of different teachers to see what they thought the school experience amounted to, which many of them agreed that it was lacking in many areas, most especially communication, which drove the inspiration behind Class Dojo’s communication platform.

Many people believe that Class Dojo has the potential to completely change the way people see education in the years to come. The platform has so far been very successful, and it has managed to extend its reach quite far in a relatively short period of time, starting up in only 2011. Today, the application is being used in more than two thirds of all schools in the US. With a completely free app that is easy and fun to use, while at the same time being extremely helpful for parents and teachers, there is no doubt it will continue to grow in the future.

UK Investors Are Looking for Gold Investments

Since Brexit, many people in the UK have decided to invest in gold coins and gold in general as an investment option. The decision to invest in gold by many UK investors is based on the Brexit decision and the desire to find investments that favor the current sway of the market. UK investors are investing in gold coins and physical gold at a rate that is breaking UK investment records that have stood for many years.


Many investors that are investing in gold are first time investors. However, many investors are seasoned investors who are looking for new investments where they can place their money. While the number of UK investors investing in gold is breaking records based on the sheer number of investors. Records are also being broken based on the amount invested in gold. The typical UK investors usually invest around 10 percent of their net worth in gold. However, since Brexit, this number has jump to almost 50 percent.


There is nothing new about people investing in gold in the UK. Around the globe gold is considered a good investment. For centuries investors have looked to gold as a solid investment. Gold investments such as gold coins have been popular for many decades.


However, the market has a lot to do with investments that become popular. Currently with the rush to invest in gold in the UK, more and more UK investors are hearing about the number of people investing in gold in the UK. This is one of the reasons why the popularity of gold has jumped so high and suddenly in the UK.


The move towards investing in gold coins and other gold investment types by UK investors does not appear to be slowing down. UK investors continue to move money over to gold and move their money from other traditional investments in the UK such as London property.


Gold is one of the investments that tends to move through various market conditions and market environments without many issues. Many UK investors have become aware of gold as an investment that is a good place to hold money under a wide spectrum of market conditions. As a result, the UK market has seen an amazing spike in gold investments in recent times.


While the UK is adjusting to Brexit, the UK market will make adjustments to the changes that are occurring regarding Brexit and UK investors will continue to look for investments that they feel will work well in any market type or market condition. Gold has proven to be an investment that works well in any market and any market condition.

VTA Publications’ Jim Hunt Initiates Wealth Wave Strategy for Identifying Impending Bear Markets

A financial expert has unveiled a great opportunity for American people to make quite a fortune by riding the wealth wave. Jim Hunt, a financial expert and adviser at VTA Publications has recently launched the Wealth Wave, a simple strategy to help people benefit hugely from falling stocks in the stock market. Jim refers to this as ‘riding the wealth wave’ as he likens it to surfers catching the perfect wave and going ahead to ride on it until they achieve success. According to Mr. Hunt this wave is all about the right timing as most people do not realize that when there is a crash in the market, money is never destroyed, it simply gets transferred to another place or some other person.

VTA is aiming to offer its customers with progressive information that specializes in spread betting. The skilled experts train people on how to get money from the stocks market and how to anticipate the perfect trading time. Professionals like Jim Hunt are available to take customers by their hand and guide them through the process by email or phone regardless of their lack of experience. Wealth Wave customers are taken through DVD training videos and webinars to learn how they can profit hugely from falling stocks. The key to benefiting from the wealth wave is by following tested and tried signals on money that is teetering on its edge and about to fall.

About Jim Hunt

Jim is a financial adviser and currently holds the position of the CEO at VTA Publications. He has made quite a reputation at the stock market world for his skill in spotting marketing trends and predicting market activities with such a precision. He is currently offering strategic outlines and investment tips via VTA Publications. This company focuses on teaching investors on safe ways to invest through long distance courses.

Hunt has specialized in investments including bonds and stocks. He has a special emphasis on average investors and hence the motive behind his programs. He is the pioneer in the wake of Make Mum a Millionaire and Wealth Wave VTA programs.

Sam Tabar Has Spent His Career Accomplishing Things


Sam Tabar, the Chief Operations Officer at Full Cycle Energy Fund, has exercised his passion and pursued his career in the fund management industry. Sam, who is also a prominent lawyer is also a capital strategist who is based in New York City. Following his graduation from Oxford University, Sam moved to Columbia law school where he furnished and served as an Associate Editor of the Columbia business law review.

Sam Tabar later joined one of the most distinguished law firms Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher &Flom LLP where he served as an associate. During his stay at the law firm, Sam counseled clients on different aspect ranging from hedge fund formation and structure, regulatory and complaint issues, sides letters to employment issues among other platforms.


In 2004, Sam Tabar switched fields and joined the world of the finance industry. He served as an advisor at PMA investment which is a unit of Sparx co. In accordance with his hard work, Sam was promoted to Managing Director and co-head of business development.


During his period at Sparx Group/ PMA advisers, Sam managed all facets of global marketing and investors relations for $ 2 billion hedge fund. He furthermore invented and executed a strategic plan that targeted institutional investors and high-net-worth clients worldwide. Other crucial highlights he performed at Sparx Group included a personal rolodex of potential qualified clients and investors introductions.


On February 2011, Sam Tabar joined the bank of America, Merrill Lynch, where he was appointed as Director and head of capital strategy that covered Asian-pacific region. Sam assisted in managing the whole capital allocation cycle between investors and fund managers. He also provided clients with counsel and meaningful introductions including endowments and pensions. He also helped rebuild front office team in the firm.


Sam Tabar returned to his legal career in September 2013 and joined Schulte Roth& Zabel LLP. He served as a senior associate in catering to regulatory and compliance issues, hedge funds and fund foundation and structure. Currently, Sam is responsible for the company’s fund management strategy at Full Cycle Energy Fund. Sam has been successful in both legal fields and financial industry in hedge funds.