The Foundation That Protects Human Rights Worldwide

Thor Halvorssen is a Human Rights Activist
Thor Halvorssen is an impressive human being. He is a strong human rights activist. He founded many non-profit groups. This would include the Human Rights Foundation that is located in New York.

The Human Rights Foundation
HRF is the Human Rights Foundation. This is a nonprofit organization that is known to protect and promote human rights on a worldwide basis. This is an organization that unites human beings within the common cause that promotes the defending of human rights while it promotes liberal democracy. This is an organization that has a definite mission. The goal is to make certain that freedom is promoted and preserved throughout the entire world. The HRF founded their ideals from the human rights movement. There is a clear focus on the year 1976 and the Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant.

A Commitment to Individual Liberty
The HRF does show a powerful commitment to individual liberty. This foundation strives to raise the overall awareness surrounding the vulnerability of freedom, this is all around the world. This commitment does include providing needed information about free societies. This includes the following:
* what constitutes a society that is free
* exactly why freedom does matter
* how freedom can be nurtured
* how freedom can be developed
* how freedom can be sustained
Providing this type of information and a large range of initiatives is a part of their commitment to human rights. This foundation had been incorporated in the year 2005. In the year 2006 they had opened up offices in August, this was in New York.

Thor Halvorssen is a committed to Human Rights
Thor Halvorson has been committed to human rights since he was a young adolescent in the year 1989. His background is Venezuelan and Norwegian. His own father had been a political prisoner in Venezuela. His mother had been shot while a political protest was being held in the year 2004. Thor is committed to the liberation of political prisoners and he is also committed to the promotion of tolerance and democracy in Latin America.

Follow @jonurbana1 to Keep Up With the World

Here’s a man with a very interesting story and background. Jon Urbana played defense on Villanova’s lacrosse team for some time before retiring from the sport. His passion for lacrosse did not end there however. Jon Urbana went on to co-found and operate one of the premier youth lacrosse camps in the Denver, Colorado area. The name of the camp is Next Level Lacrosse and it has grown in success since its original launch. Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Urbana has other interests and hobbies. He is into photography and video making. He also has his own Tumblr blog where he writes about many different topics. In order to keep up with all of the things that Jon Urbana is doing, it is essential to follow him on Twitter.

In this post, Jon Urbana posts information about a new post on his blog. In the tweet, there is a link from which followers can access Urbana’s Facebook profile. The new post is a video that is entitled Menace.Jon Urbana also tweets with links to other posts he finds interesting. Buzzfeed is a website from which he tweets many links to. This tweet is entitled “15 Things We Don’t Regret At All”. And on his Next Level Lacrosse Camp biography, Jon Urbana includes a link to a Buzzfeed post.

There are some tweets, such as this one, in which Jon Urbana links his fundraiser on other social media sites besides GoFundMe, such as Reddit. Staying true to his lacrosse roots, this tweet talks about an issue where someone went from a starting position to sitting on the bench. The link is to a lacrosse section of Reddit.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Lacrosse is not the only sport the Jon Urbana tweets about however. In this tweet, Urbana mentions Cam Newton, the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, throwing a 12th man flag.

Another tweet of Urbana’s includes another link to a Buzzfeed article alongside his Soundcloud collection of favorite tracks. This tweet discusses tiny and subtle tattoos.

Urbana doesn’t only tweet about sports and articles, he also often discusses serious political issues. For example, in this tweet, Jon Urbana mentions an Oxfam study that highlights a large global wealth divide. Again, the link to the article is embedded within the tweet.

Australian Youtube Star Uses Blog For Good

All celebrities at some point use their fame and fortune for good, but not many make an entire career out of helping their fans. Stars made famous by social media sites, blogs and YouTube have created an entirely new niche by making themselves a name through the power of the internet. YouTube allows people to make, share and comment on videos and since its birth in the early years of the internet it has become a hub for people around the world to find and share content. From step-by-step painting instructions to tutorials on make-up YouTube has created a new way for people to interact and share their talent with the world and help others hone in on a craft.

Australian YouTube star Wendy Huang is one of those stars who found fame through her blog and YouTube Channel. Huang began her blog while working at a digital media company where she instructed her clients to create and run their own social media an blog sites. Wanting to understand what her clients went through on a deeper level she started her own blog and channel. Wengie, like many other women of Asian descent don’t have a lot of representation in the media and Wengie wanted to change that.

As a young woman during the early years of the internet Wengie was left with blog posts an forums to find make-up and hair tricks centered around her features and her own struggles sparked her now famous tutorials. The Wonderful World of Wengie is now Australia’s number one Asian online beauty channel and is full of videos, blog posts, tutorials and products to help young girls who can’t find a style that works on their features. Huang’s popularity has granted her the ability to center a career around her deep rooted love of fashion and make-up as well as help women and young girls who don’t have much help elsewhere. Huang has created a loving community that started with a simple idea and her YouTube channel is full of creative, fun and informative video tutorials to help fans around the world.

Kyle Bass’s Suit for Redemption

Kyle Bass was once the wonder person of the investment community after e correctly called and profited handsomely from the subprime mortgage crisis which Wikipedia lists as his start to success. Since that time in 2008, Bass’s reputation has been somewhat tarnished by his publicity seeking and failed predictions.

In his latest effort to repair some his image, Bass has teamed with his long-time partner Erich Spangenber and their Coalition for Affordable Drugs to file two lawsuits challenging the patents on a pro bono basis. The pair has filed several of these lawsuits in the past and has been the target of investigations and reviews by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The basic premise that Mr. Bass would have everyone believe is that his purpose is purely out of concern for and in the public interest. His allegations are that Big Pharma is able to keep drug prices high by extending patents for their drugs for simple and often unmedical reasons. He cites the example of Propofol, a drug that is commonly used in operations as a general anesthetic. The drug is protected by a patent on its rubber stopper which according to the Coalition is why the price is higher than competing generics.

In the past, Bass and Spangenber have shorted the stocks of the companies before filing their lawsuits. Once the news of the patent challenges hit the business community, the company’s stock price dropped allowing Bass to gain a large profit. These lawsuits, according to the Useful Stooges website, caught the attention of the patent office and had both houses of Congress working in unusual bipartian cooperation to close the loopholes allowing this sort of challenge.

The filing of the latest lawsuits seeks to detract from those issues hence the pro bono nature of the filing. Pro bono, in this case, means that neither the principals (Bass or Spangenber) nor their coalition would profit from the outcome of the case. In addition, the coalition will pay for the necessary medical reviews and the legal

Bass began his career after graduating from Texas Christian University in 1992 with a BA in Business Administration in Finance and Real Estate Finance. After working briefly for Prudential Securities, Bass joined Bear Sterns, then Legg Mason where he rose to the position of Senior Managing Director of their Dallas office. When Legg Mason sold off that part of its operation, Bass formed Hayman Capital Management. It was there he saw the opportunities that the subprime mortgage market would bring. By purchasing credit default swaps against the packaged and securitized loans Bass identified as most likely to default, Bass was able to capitalize on the mortgage crisis.

Since then, Bass has been on the wrong side of a number of predictions and investments. He has also been a staunch supporter of Cristina Ferandez de Kirchner who recently lost her bid for re-election as the president of Argentina. Kirchner and her economic advisers have largely been seen as doing serious damage to the Argentine economy and were at least partially responsible for the country having defaulted on its sovereign debt for the second time since 2000.


Europe has been for one and half decades in active in technological innovations. The industry has been predominantly occupied by the American and the Asian firms. Of late, the focus is shifting to Europe. The region has well trained technical and talented workforce which is the target for giant technology firms. The cost of starting a business or purchasing one is significantly low in Europe than in America. With several startup business capital starved, venture firm is taking these opportunities to work with startup up business in the technology sector.

Germany is the main center of interest. The government of Chancellor Angela Merkel is encouraging its young population to invest more in technology industry. Majority of the Europe firm initially concentrated is serving the local market. This trend has changed seeing a migration of employees from the traditional sectors like banking to the new technology industry.

The European market present better deals for tech giant firms than the home market. Its talented and innovative workforce is an opportunity for the venture capital firms. Traditional companies that have operated primary on American models are making money in the new market. The trend is set to change further with even the Asian firm trying to get a share of this untapped market.

The investment firms have a new market to tap. With alternative investment in the technology sector expanding in Europe, Highland capital management has taken note of this change too. The Dallas based firm has already begun expanding into the untapped markets in Brazil. The firm has a range of alternative investments in health care and other sectors. The healthcare sector is currently the largest alternative investment sector for the company. The sector won the HFM US hedge fund awards for its excellent performance.

Highland growth is attributed to its president and co-founder Mr. James Dondero. Jim is an experienced investor with over three decade experience in finance and management. He is also a certified and chartered financial analyst. The Dallas business mogul also heads senior positions in other top organizations. They include Nexpoint bank and cornerstone medical center.

Jim is a graduate of Virginia University where he specialized in accounting and finance. After graduation, he worked with the GIC subsidiary called protective life a chief finance officer. He also worked for American express in the late 80’s.

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Premium Dog Food Options Are Making Their Way

Premium dog food are continuously reaching the media. More and more dogs and cats are enjoying premium foods that are made with pristine and top quality ingredients that only benefit their overall health. Pets used to receive only foods that didn’t actually have as much nutritional value as some of them do now. Chief executive officer, Richard Thompson, is a gourmet food manufacturer who was once seen recently cutting chunky chicken and a finishing a turkey recipe. This specific set of ingredients are not made for adults or kids, but actually fro the pets that he offers his food to. With a strong focus on flavor, he created this gourmet brand to make it possible for dogs to have wonderful food with perfect taste and nutritional value. Freshpet Incorporated is the name of this manufacturing company, and Richard and his team have made it his main goal to create a professional set of gourmet food for pets. He says that this is the next level of what pet owners will be feeing their pets. Even the most traditional pet-food makers are creating and offering only the latest in food options for pets. Beneful is another brand who is known for their top of the line doggy treats. The brand stands out because of their approach to crafting only the most natural and organic ingredients for their dog food options. Beneful offers three different types of food collections: Wet food, Dry food, and Dog treats. Combining only the most powerful ingredients with many tasty flavors, it’s no doubt Beneful remains to be one of the most sought after successful dog good brands in the world today. It pays off to invest in top quality food from Beneful. Their wide array of options almost guarantees that your dog gets healthy but tasty premium treats and meals. Beneful has worked long and hard over the years to incorporate a wide variety of different gourmet options for dogs to enjoy what it is that they eat. If you need a reliable brand, Beneful is definitely the way to go for giving your dogs the best opportunity possible.

In Search of the Perfect Vagina

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has reported and interesting occurrence in the types and number of vaginal surgeries. The ASAPS claims the number of vaginal reconstructive surgeries increased approximately 50% between 2013 and 2014.
The age of women who request what is often called designer vagina surgery seems to cover a very broad spectrum, from teens to the elderly. Women of all ages apparently care more than ever about vaginal appearance. One possible explanation is the rising popularity of certain kinds of clothing, for example, yoga pants and bikinis.
Some also speculate that the currently fashionable trend of completely removing pubic hair fuels the resulting trend of reshaping one’s vagina. Women in increasing numbers seek a vagina that is symmetrical and aesthetically perfect. The two types of surgery most requested are Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty. Dr. Jennifer Walden, the spokeswoman for the ASAPS and an expert in these types of surgeries, says that Labiaplasty is at the top of the list of cosmetic procedures requested by women.
Jennifer Walden grew up in Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she graduated with honors and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Postgraduate work continued at the University of Texas at Austin Medical Branch. Some impressive highlights from Dr. Walden’s college days; graduating as the Salutatorian at the University of Texas Medical Branch and getting elected president of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.
Dr. Walden successfully finished her education with Highest Honors and with her Medical Doctorate. She began her career working in New York with two world-renowned plastic surgeons, Drs. Tom Baker and James Stuzin.
This position allowed her to learn from the best plastic surgeons in the world. After about ten years Dr. Jennifer Walden decided to return home to Texas where she has focused her attention on women’s health issues relating to self-empowerment and autonomy in decision-making, all facets of plastic surgery, and breast health.

Handy’s New Tipping Interface Is Great

Handy has recently said that they will include a tipping feature that allows customers to give tips after the cleaning has been completed through the application. There have been many situations in which it would not be timely or worth it to go out of one’s way to give a small tip. Cleaners mostly clean while the customer is gone, whether they are at work, a friend’s house, or simply left the house just so the cleaner could do their job more effectively, so there are not many times where the cleaner sees the customer, other than when they first meet.

Handy was founded by two roommates at Harvard Business School. They found that there was no other company that had listings of home cleaners and other home service providers, so Handy would fulfill its niche very nicely. There have been many other companies who have attempted to compete with Handy, but in the 28 markets that Handy is active in, Handy reigns supreme as the top choice to find home cleaners. Handy has actually purchased the rights to a competitor for around twenty million dollars, which truly shows Handy’s value, potential, and market penetration.

Professionals that work on Handy average somewhere around eighteen dollars an hour. Those with more equipment to clean with and that have been reviewed as the best cleaners in an area get paid slightly more, but no cleaner charges an amount more than thirty dollars per man hour. Some people are able to use Handy for their sole source of income, but the majority of cleaners work for Handy as a side job to earn extra income.

More than 10,000 people both book and complete at least one cleaning job a month. So, this means the majority of cleaners perform a fair amount of work on Handy. It is difficult to work more than forty hours a week due to cancellations and scheduling conflicts, but making money using Handy is not very difficult, especially compared to how much home cleaners used to make before Handy. Handy can be downloaded on all app stores and found here

LimeCrime: Making Its Beauty Mark

Ancient civilization learned many lessons from observing the world around them. They noticed how plants and animals used color and texture to their advantage for propagation and for protection. Humans saw that the pallets of nature were pleasing and sought to emulate them. Using pigments from crushed berries, plants, minerals, and other organic matter, they enhanced themselves and formulated their culture’s ideals of beauty.

Ever since then, cosmetics and fashion have been soul mates in an eternally-revolving door that makes the old styles new again. While it is easy to chuckle at the outrageous styles of the past, it should not surprise us when they show up again on international runways. One of the most interesting facets of the partnership of fashion and makeup is that we can often date pictures by looking at the subjects’ style. In the United States, decades can be marked by their unique looks for both men and women.

Makeup artists find inspiration by delving into beauty trends of past eras. While there may be a few techniques that are timeless, most styles of the day easily mark their era. While fashion and cosmetics seemed austere in the Victorian decades, they enjoyed an explosion in the 1920’s.

For the first time in American history, many women left the kitchen and worked in factories during the war. They bobbed their hair, wore men’s britches, and smoked cigarettes. The flapper style became all the rage with shapeless, empire waists, gaudy bangles, and eye-popping makeup. Women got their right to vote and they were celebrating in a colorful style!

Between the 1930s through the late 50’s, makeup trends stayed fairly modest. The only way of dating pictures are through clothing and hair styles, and perhaps heavier lipstick in the ’40s. With the sexual revolution of the 60’s, makeup was on both sides of the spectrum. Flower children flaunted au naturale faces while others embraced the heavy eye makeup of wispy icons such as Twiggy.

The 70s through the 90s brought a heavier hand with the makeup brush, only to be toned down quite a bit in the 21st century. We are now seeing an upswing in vibrant colors with premier trendsetters such as LimeCrime. Doe Deere is a musician and fashion designer who got tired of what she considered “bland” choices in makeup and decided to create her own.

LimeCrime represents some of the hottest trends in cosmetics. Deere formulated magical, glittery hues of lipstick, eye shadow, blusher, and nail polishes that are available on the LimeCrime website. She serves millions of customers over the world with her unique blends of makeup. Customers love how they can find the colors they love that will match the bold looks in today’s fashion. Doe Deere’s LimeCrime is truly a pioneer in the makeup industry that has made its mark in cosmetic history.

My Favorite Beneful Products

I am so glad that my friend told me to use Beneful. As a first-time pet owner I was unaware of the best brands, but I wanted to ensure my new pup was fed well and maintained good health. I visited the Beneful brand website, and I really liked what I saw. I then talked to my vet, who also recommended the use of the brand. Now, six months later, my dog is healthy, strong and beautiful, and loving his Beneful.

The Beneful Variety

There’s such a great variety of flavors available from Beneful, which I appreciate. My dog never tires of his food because he gets to mix it up so often. There are so many flavors, but my four faves:

1. Beneful Originals with Salmon

My pup likes this flavor the best because he always finishes it up so quickly.I love that it is nutritious for him and that it contains the ingredients that he needs to stay healthy.

2. Beneful Wet Chopped with Salmon

Again, I have a Salmon kind of guy. The chopped blends looks so good I almost want to eat it! Notice I said almost! In addition to the salmon, the chopped blends also has tomatoes, carrots and other veggies for a delightful treat. I feed my dog the Chopped Blends once per week, and twice if he is a really good boy!

3. Beneful Healthy Smiles Dental Twists

The dental twists are a great treat that I love to give my dog. These treats clean his teeth as he chews, and he is oh so obedient whenever he sees a treat in my hand.

4. Beneful Incredibites

Although I do not feed this one any more, it was great when my dog was a pup because of the small, bite-size pieces. Chicken and beef flavors are both available. I would rotate between the two flavors.

Final Thoughts

Beneful has products for dogs of all sizes, including dry food, wet food, and treats. The products listed above are just a few of my favorites. I love Beneful and the fact that their products on Amazon keep my dog enjoying his meals and offer the proper nutrition that he needs.