Thor Halvorssen Speaks to Fox New’s About Socialism and Bernie Sanders

Human Rights Foundation’s president Thor Halvorssen recently appeared on The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan to talk about Bernie Sanders and his socialist ideals. Thor Halvorssen is an activist for human rights, who has experienced most of his family become victims to overpowered governments.

According to Forbes, Halorvssen’s father was a political prisoner. His mother was shot in Venezuela under the rule of Hugo Chavez, and his cousin is currently a prisoner in Venezuela.

Trish Regan asked why he believes socialism is a violation of human rights, to which he replied, “Countries that do not violate human rights can have socialist governments and that’s perfectly okay.” He goes on to say that the problem lies when someone in charge of a socialist country takes advantage of the system and uses the system to steal from the country while maintaining a disguise of a leader who is helping the country.

Halorvssen says that despite Bernie Sanders’ socialist views he made a large donation to his campaign. “I would much rather have Bernie Sanders be the democratic front runner than someone who takes money from dictatorships,” he told Trish Regan, in reference to Hilary Clinton accepting political donations from countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Thor Halorvssen shares his opinion on how socialism is not the correct way to end poverty. “You end poverty by not redistributing wealth, you end it by creating more wealth.” He ends the interview by reiterating that he would much rather see the United States become a socialist democracy than having a president who accepts money from dictatorships in the Whitehouse.

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Wearing Clothing From Athleisure Fabletics When It Does Matter How You Look

There is something about looking good even when it’s casual time. You don’t want to worry about if the top looks good with the bottoms and when you wear clothing from Athleisure Fabletics, you don’t. Kate Hudson, Co-founder and designer offers amazing clothing such as the Athelisure sports wear, you can look good and get healthy along the way.

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There are two things to remember, Athleisure Fabletics provides amazing clothing (according to Elite Daily) that make you look beautiful, and the second is that if you feel as good as you look. Working out never looked so good.

Autism Rocks, Solo Capital, and Sanjay Shah’s Incredible Influence

Sanjay Shah founded Autism Rocks in 2014 after his son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism, the world’s most rapidly spreading developmental disease. Autism Rocks secures funding through offering art classes, social workshops, and popular music concert entrances for autistic children and their caregivers.

Sanjay Shah practiced accounting for the better part of his career. Shah worked for the likes of Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley. During the 2008 financial crisis, Shah was fired and subsequently out of work. Shah decided upon founding his own investment firm, and followed through in 2009 with Solo Capital Partners.

Solo Capital Partners is personally managed by Shah in London, also featuring a remote office in Dubai. The firm recently was appraised at a net worth of $15 million with credit due solely to Shah. Shah’s financial expertise made a perfect fit for Autism Rocks.

Shah recently appointed Pete and Will Best to Autism Rocks’ board of trustees. The brothers’ experience is twofold: Pete has worked in the financial sector for more than 20 years, most recently as COO of London-based brokerage firm Icap; whereas Will holds extensive experience in cinematic and television production, hosting, marketing, and advertising. The brothers’ addition is expected to create attractive financing components, promote awareness for the philanthropy, book the world’s hottest musicians, and ultimately generate more funding for autism research.

Autism Rocks has featured some of the world’s most popular performing artists, among the likes of Drake, Michael Buble, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz. Many of those affected by autism and their caregivers gain free entrance to Autism Rocks’ events. Autism Rocks’ effect is twofold: first, to raise money for autism research; and second, to bring relief, fun times, and unforgettable experiences to autistic children around the world.

PR Newswire first published the article describing events herein and can be found at this site.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Offers The Perfect Shaping Surgery

Women can get surgeries that will help them shape any part of their bodies at any time, and they can ask their doctors to do something that gives them the desirable shape they are looking for. A woman who wants to look her best can try a doctor like Dr. Jennifer Walden, and she can offer a new kind of surgery that helps women looks great in bikinis or yoga pants.

Bikinis and yoga pants are really comfortable, and they require that women have a perfect shape. The shape of the vagina can be a problem for some women because they do not like the way they look in bikinis or yoga pants, but they can get help from someone who can help shape their bodies in a new way.

The surgery that surgeons like Dr. Jennifer Walden does helps women have a perfectly shaped vagina that will look good in any piece of clothing. They can get the procedure done pretty quickly, and they can get them done in outpatient so that they will be ready for the world in just a couple days. Women who want to look their best come in for consultations, and Dr. Jennifer Walden can explain to these women how they are going to look once the surgery is over. These surgeries are pretty simple, and they make women look perfect in an area that is very important to them.

This also means that women can get their vagina shaped after they have had children or have been injured. This is a very simple way of making women look great, and it is a helpful way for women to feel good when they are trying to get dressed up for warm weather and simple daily activities. They can come in to get Dr. Jennifer to show them how to get this work done, and she can host them in a really comfortable office. There are lots of great designer surgeries that are going to be perfect for women, and they need to make sure that they have asked for a consultation before deciding on a surgery.


Helanie Morrison Shatters Corporate Limits

The corporate world is one of the toughest worlds to be in. For one thing, there are a lot of limits that people are faced with. Among the limits that people are faced with is the so called glass ceiling. This is often the complaints that women have about working in the corporate offices. Often times, in order to come up, it requires that one be rather unethical. However, Helane Morrison has shown that it is possible to maintain integrity and move up the ladder. Helane Morrison has gotten her start in Journalism. She has eventually moved west from her Brooklyn roots in order to continue her education at the University of California Berkeley School of Law.

Early in her career, she began to work With Harry A, Blackmun who has shown her the ropes and led her by example. Harry was famous for being a champion for women’s rights. Among the accomplishments he has done was make changes to certain laws such as abortion laws. He has faced a lot of death threats. Helanie Morrison learned a lot from Blackmun. She herself has faced with adversity as she took on the corporate world and all of its corrupt unethical ways of conducting business.

In the recent downturn of the economy, Helane Morrison among others has revealed the unethical practices that many institutions were involved in. Among the issues that were uncovered were false audit claims and destroyed documents. It seemed like everywhere one looked, there was some fraud being concealed and covered up. This has definitely come as a shock to many people who were involved in these institutions. As a result, many stocks were liquidated and the economy has definitely been sent in for a massive spin. This has changed the perspective of Wall Street and the market as a whole. However, Helanie Morrison is a hero for helping with the revelation. This will eventually lead to a more ethical practice among financial institutions.

Lime Crime Sells Popular Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Alternative

Kylie Jenner is a celebrity who definitely takes fashion and appearances seriously. Kylie is an inspiration to many who want to look their absolute best. With the arrival of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, fans can perform a few touch-ups that are capable of enhancing looks immensely.

Parent Herald reports some interesting news about the sales figures of these kits. To put it mildly, the kits are flying out of stock at the online store. This is a bit shocking considering the high price – very high price – of the lip kit.

Consumers may find the price of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit to be far out of their price range. Parent Herald reveals there are options for these consumers. Alternative “dupes” of the lip kit do exist. Quality alternatives are sure to serve up exceptional results. Budgets do not have to take a huge dent when buying these alternatives.

One item that particularly stands out is Lime Crime’s Velvetine Matte Lipstick in Reddest Red. This particular red lipstick is also a great seller. It really is one of the top sellers in the Lime Crime line. This alone should nudge those interested in trying out a new type of lipstick to purchase Lime Crime’s offering from Amazon.

Doe Deere founded Lime Crime in 2008. The growth and success of Lime Crime are examples of what happens when a motivated entrepreneur brings a desirable product to the market. Those motivated to look their best should check out the lipsticks and other merchandise sold by the company.  Check them out on Twitter for updates, or Instagram to see new products in action.

Darius Fisher’s Business and Growth

Darius Fisher has started his company with 25 workers who are very skilled with SEO, marketing and public relations. They have since progressed and grown to 35 people with the same set of skills. Among the things that Status Labs does is take care of the digital reputation of people so that they can continue to run their business successfully. There are tons of issues that business owners and other people that are visible could face that would destroy their reputation. Status Labs has not only made sure that the staff is full of professionals that are highly skilled and well respected, but it has also made sure that the work environment is peaceful and constructive as well.


Darius Fisher understands the importance of employee satisfaction in the workplace. The workplace does have to be helpful to the employee as well. Among the things that Darius Fisher does in his relationship with the employees is to make sure that they know that they are appreciated. He also lets the employees know of any changes so that they can be able to adapt to the new rules or anything. One thing that is very frustrating to employees is being left out of the loop.
Darius Fisher also advises people to be prepared. One thing that many high level workers do that works against them is not prepare for any crisis. The reputation of any visible figure is so fragile that even false information could destroy the person. This is why high level executives have to be prepared to provide some kind of damage control so that the damages made by any hit to the reputation can be limited. Darius also engages with the community on various entrepreneurial activities. Among the companies that he and Status Labs have engaged with are Dress for Success, Urban Roots, and other companies.

Best Beauty Surgeons Across The Country

From the Hollywood elite to those who seek improvement in one area or another, many forms of beauty surgery are becoming increasingly popular. The best surgeons know how to perform a variety of procedures, both surgical and non invasive. Recently, Harper’s Bazaar has published a list of some of the most renowned surgeons across the country.

In California, home of Hollywood and the most elite actors and musicians, the beauty surgeons are experts in lipsocuction, Botox, and reconstruction. Names like Aaron Rollins and Raj Kanodia are well known among the rich and famous. Additionally, Carolyn Chang is makin waves as the go-to surgeon for “mommy makeovers” and reshaping the post pregnancy body.

Across the country, in New York, the beauty surgeons are well loved for their ability to make subtle changes with the entire body. Alan Matarasso is the king of the all over body lift, with specialities in the eyes, face, stomach, and butt. James Marotta, on the other hand, has taken the approach of hair restoration surgery for women. It is a small but much needed area in the realm of beauty surgery.

The Texas based Jennifer Walden is the top choice for beauty surgery in the South. Walden was born and raised in Austin, obtaining an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Texas and subsequently attending the University of Texas Medical Branch. She began her career with a prestigious fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She worked in New York for several years after, honing her skills in beauty surgery.

In 2011, Walden returned to Texas to open her private practice. In 2014 she was able to also open a satellite office in Marble Falls. Walden has been recognized for her skill and contributions to the practice, being named on of the Best Plastic Surgeons in America by American Way in 2015 and now by Harper’s Bazaar. Dr. Walden is a highly published author, and was a featured in Daily Mail as an expert spokesperson in the field of labiaplasty.

Across the country, there are many options for excellent beauty surgeons to fulfill whatever procedure that needs to be done.

Rieder: You Should Never End a Career Because of One Mistake

Though click managed to become an instant national celebrity, it was not for a good way! This was when the video showing her calling for some muscle to help remove a journalist who as covering students protests at the Missouri University went viral. The communications professor what was honoring a courtesy appointment at the Missouri J-school at the same time immediately because a hostility symbol towards the first amendment.
This is what made click to remain suspended from teaching until an investigation is conducted by the Missouri University System Board of Curators. Since Click had been hit with criminal charges with the third degree assault, she is still able to avoid prosecution by agreeing to perform community service and staying out of trouble for a period of at least one year. However, more than 100 law makers from Missouri have demanded that Melissa Click be fired which has seen her be a target of numerous insults and threats.
Click has managed to announce a public relations offensive after just three months. This will be orchestrated by Tax public relations firm Status Labs. She has managed to be granted a number of interviews including USA TODAY.
Click has agreed that her behavior was out of line and the words she pronounced were due to the dark crevices of her brain. “I did not mean to be the cause of violence,” said Click.
Click further stated that she was not able to defend the way she handled the encounter. “Actually, I am very embarrassed by my actions; it made be to be flustered,” said Click.
About Status Labs
Status Labs refers to an online reputation management company which ensures the clients are effectively engaged to the audiences by compelling the contents to drive participation and sale and from increasing the brand of the digital footprint to management of the image. The Status Labs goal ensures the clients are assisted in looking for the best in search results and ensure the sales grow via effective digital marketing.
The Status Labs team is based in Austin and has offices in the New York and Sao Paulo. The Status Labs image management is working with over 1500 clients in more than 35 countries.